Virtual Futures | A Documentary Style Promotional Video for Enactus NTU

  • Edward Fleming

Spinning Shapes have been working with Nottingham Trent University’s Enactus team to create a virtual reality experience that tackles knife crime. The end product will be an interactive film that teaches teenagers about knife crime, first aid and helps students develop emotional intelligence in a safe environment. We created this short documentary style video (in less than a week!) to explain & promote the project:

Enactus NTU are working with various reputable Nottinghamshire institutions to make this project empathetic, relatable and technically excellent, including: – The Pythian Club (to reach out to young people) – Stone Soup Academy (student affiliation and initial testing/release) – The National Justice Museum (to advise and eventually host as a display) – Post Grad Students & Lecturers (specialists in their field to help develop & advise) – Spinning Shapes (to create the video above and help produce the 360 film)

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