Hyundai i30 N

This was a project to publicise the release of the new Hyundai i30 N hot hatch in conjunction with Haymarket's PistonHeads website. Two films were made - "From Track To Road" (which featured members of the public testing out the i30 N on the picturesque roads of the Brecon Beacons in Wales) and "How It Makes You Feel" (which featured members of the public pushing the car to its limits on the the Anglesey Circuit, a challenging racetrack set on the coast of Anglesey overlooking the Irish Sea). We were able to deliver comparatively high production values on a tight budget, working in conjunction with the great team at Cineworks. We had the freedom to rig cameras in a variety of ways to achieve a good range of shots which were all storyboarded in pre-production - from a 4x4 mounted jib arm combined with a Movi XL for the track days, to a 4x4 mounted Black Arm with a Movi Pro for the mountain roads (as well as numerous interior-mounted mirrorless cameras for talking heads and exterior-mounted GoPro's for bodywork detail). The only downside to the shoot was that it was too windy on all the shoot days to get a drone up safely, so instead we relied on trudging up the hills of the Breacon Beacons to get some high angles!


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