I & I

  • Natalie Worgs
  • Louise Lerego

I & I” inspired by the beauty and adventurous tales of black women and our hair, a meaningful romance experienced everyday. In this story, I gently explore the beauty, power and strength of our hair. I & I plays with hair and shadows both hold beauty and mystery we can mold, shape and define our hairstyles, we braid and sometimes wrap away the beauty of our hair, to protect her from the weather and the many inquisitive hands and eyes of others. As young children we would sit in between the legs of our mother as she parted and greased your just washed scalp, with the mass of hair standing to attention awaiting the command from the comb. &I out now in @mobjournal New Wave Magazine PRINT ISSUE 2 Creative Direction and Styling by @girlsaboutpeckham Photography by @kidcircus Hair by @abitofjaz Hair assistant Anoushka Danso @anoushkadanielle Model by @athenaarr Raihanna Thompson @_raihanna Make up by @louiselerego Set Preparation Katisha Francis