• Sam Percy
Before I share my first idea on here, I need to let whoever is reading this know that I am not the most skilled writer. Not horrific, but also not the best.

Anyway, IDEA #1

Pepsi -In this campaign its features a world where instead of water making up the oceans, it is instead Pepsi(Sea/Si, could be a play on words used in the Advert). This advert would consist of showing different shots of the Pepsi ocean, for example, waves crashing and fizzing up against a lighthouse, people at the the beach with the waves crashing onto the beach, people swimming in the Pepsi, propellers on the engine of a boat fizzing it up, people surfing Pepsi waves, people grabbing a fresh Pepsi to drink etc. There could be many examples, but the main point is that the ocean is Pepsi.


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