If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It

  • Olivia Foan

SIRPLUS is founded on the belief that waste is, quite simply, too wasteful. Henry Hales made an interesting discovery whilst plotting to take over the men’s underwear market. He discovered that shirt-makers often end up with a surplus of fabric, enough to make plenty of pretty incredible boxers. So, SIRPLUS was born. Over the last ten years, we have grown from a street market stall selling boxers to multiple stores selling a full range, with a constant connection to this central idea. As awareness has grown around the need to think of the planet when we make our purchases, we have followed suit and adopted more fabrics into the fray - all with a lack of waste in mind. We design with a vision of your clothes lasting longer, being worn more often and adapting to a variety of seasons, doing some good in the process. Here’s a guide to our top eco-friendly picks. READ FULL ARTICLE ON THE JOURNAL: https://sirplus.co.uk/blogs/news/if-it-aint-broke-don-t-fix-it