• Ana Sêrro
Year: 2016
Agency: Impero
Role: Web Design, Illustration, Iconography

Impero needed a place to showcase their vanity projects and the task was to create a hub that was within the brand guidelines and putting emphasis on rich visuals that relate to each project without resorting to standard screenshots. To give the hub an extra flair, each graphic element in the background was then animated by using a parallax effect.
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Designing an icon system

To better differentiate one project from another, I decided to design an easily understood icon system that would reflect what the themes of the projects were about. The style was kept to flat, simple lines and a straight-to-the-point visual concept.

Building a hybrid menu

One of the main requirements for this project was that it needed to be hybrid, as in be able to accommodate any projects that Impero would like to create in the future. At the time of designing, there were only four live projects but once the project entered the development stage they became five. The solution for it was to scale each project block to full height columns.

Information page

To accommodate miscellaneous information such as the company's bio and what the aim of the hub was, I decided to go for an evenly split screen where each side is differentiated by using Impero's brand colours — yellow and dark gray with the aid of their recognisable big, bold type.

The projects

Each vanity project was given its own personalized spot to shine by making them eye-catching, vibrant and relevant to their according themes.