In State of Transit

  • Nina Salomons
Genre: Documentary
Length: 13:16

A short documentary examining the hardships under taken by refugees in dire need of evacuation for fear of prosecution, death or assassination. This documentary focuses on refugees from crisis areas such as the Middle Easterns before the Arab uprising and Africans such as Eritreans. It tries to show how important it is for countries to take in refugees for reasons such as human rights and the difficult situation refugees are placed in, looking for a safer non-war stricken country. This particularly documentary focuses on Emergency Transit Centre situated in Timisoara, Romania.

This film has been successfully shown at the National Assembly in New York 2013, several summits at the EU and is currently being used by the Romanian Government to promote their work at the ETC. Documentary was shown on 14 October 2011 at the United Nations in Geneva by the Romanian Delegation to the UN in front of delegates from 125 countries.