Intangible Matter

  • Lucy Hardcastle
  • Laura Vent
  • Laura Vent
Intangible Matter, launching on i-D's The Fifth Sense's platform is an exploration of the physical and virtual elements of fragrance, within an immersive digital space consisting of five unique interactive areas. 
Enter Experience
Placing Lucy's digital world into a WebGL framework provided the opportunity to achieve surreal and unseen experiences related to the senses, physicalising the invisible through interactive visual and sound elements in a truly unique and playful way. 
A sonic landscape was created in collaboration with music producer Fatima Al Qadiri and vocalist Chris Lee with sound design throughout by James Kelly to provide an immersive experience. Working remotely, complex layers were created complimenting the visual elements.
The experience has been built for each user to be led on an individual journey through initial choice, creating a distinct personal experience. Hardcastle created spaces around tasks which the user is invited to discover and unlock.
The rooms - Beam, Mist, Molten and Soft, culminating in the Fifth Space - all feature interactive objects built from original sketches and assets by Hardcastle, which trigger sound and movement responses.  
Artist - Lucy Hardcastle
Music - Fatima Al Qadiri
Vocals - Chris Lee/Li Yuchun
Production - Stink Digital
Sound Design - James Kelly
i-D Commercial Creative Director - Bunny Kinney
i-D Associate Creative Director - Claire Arnold
i-D Commercial Supervising Producer - Tash Tan 

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