Intersection at D-Contemporary Gallery

  • Marianie Morazzani
  • Teresa Rocha

INTERSECTION An exhibition with a fierce commitment to pushing boundaries and experimenting and exploring the human experience. As a joint effort D Contemporary are showcasing artists presented by MM- Art Consult and MAZ art consultancy. A contemporary art exhibition unique in its presentation and experience for the audience. This exhibition will take you on an exhilarating ride through the minds and experiences of The DnA factory Mrss, Aina Lorente Solivella, Eva Vila Pou , Ricardo Eichenberger and Roland Breitschmid. Each expresses their unique vision of today's challenges through different mediums colliding in one space, resulting in endless juxtapositions and interactions of the works. This allows the spectator to co-create their own meanings.The works on display range from installations that animate the gallery space to intimate porcelains that capture the essence of confidentiality, creating a vibrant dialogue between different mediums. "Each artist expresses their unique voice to the table, creating a tapestry of feelings, moods, and emotions that invite the viewer to engage with the artwork in a profound and meaningful way," said Marianie Morazzani, the curator of the exhibition. Come and experience !Intersections". Join us for the opening night reception on Tuesday, April 11th from 6pm - 9pm, hosted by D-Contemporary Gallery. From April 11th - April 15th, the artists themselves will be present to talk about their work, and you're welcome to book any time within D Contemporary Gallery opening hours of 10am-5.00pm. A special thanks to Art consultant Marie Andrea Zammit, presenting the artists Ricardo Eichenberger and Roland Breitschmid.