Interview with Nike Kyrie 4 Designer

  • Nova / Marianna Mukhametzyanova
Interviewed Benjamin Nethongkome, Lead Designer for the Nike Kyrie 4, for PAUSE Magazine.
"Last week, journalists and insiders gathered in the Royal Festival Hall, London, to discuss the release of the KYRIE 4 with basketball all-star, Kyrie Irving, and his design partner, Benjamin Nethongkome. Kyrie Irving is a well-known figure in the sporting world, known for his on-court excellence, extreme intelligence and uplifting character. Benjamin Nethongkome, his design partner in crime, is an enigma for us right now. We know that the designer is passionate about basketball, spends a lot of time watching Irving play, and is very good at solving problems. I had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Benjamin after the on-stage discussion to find out more about his inspiration for the Kyrie 4, his relationship with Irving, and his opinion on the future of basketball shoes."
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