Introducing our new brand

  • Jamie Craven
  • Louise Thompson
Today we are delighted to announce the launch of NABS’ new brand, alongside the relaunch of our Ambassador’s Programme, with a fabulous new recruitment campaign created by our agency, Fold7.

A line.

At NABS, we always open with a question; one which reflects our core values – from being accessible and impartial, to showing heartfelt support. It opens up a conversation and invites people to question not only how they are doing, but also where they want to be going:
“Through two simple words: ‘How’s Work?’ NABS challenges us all to reflect on the direction in which we are going. Whatever the answer to the question, their focus on building resilience and confidence, career guidance and advice, and heartfelt support can help us all stay on course. This new branding is a timely reminder that NABS are needed in today’s world of work more than ever.” – Karen Blackett OBE, NABS President

A look.

Our new brand look visually communicates our aim to help people find a positive path forward through life’s ups and downs. It evokes both the connections we create with individuals and the connections we all need to succeed and thrive within our volatile industry.


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