IoT Surveillance Tool

For this project, I've explored the surveillance of the smart home. How are IoT devices, such as smart speakers, TVs, lighting systems and cameras, behaving in our network environments? We connect these systems to our networks, without second-guessing their security. Whilst devices sit on our countertops, on 'stand-by', what are they actually doing? Are they communicating? I have developed my own IoT surveillance tool allowing users to spy on their smart devices. During my research, I discovered there was a huge market for services allowing users to spy on their IoT devices. I explored some of these existing services and decided I would develop my own tool which introduces features existing systems lacked, possibly providing a better alternative. One of these features includes a deep breakdown into connections, the ratio of secured and unsecured data.

I have developed a working prototype using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. First, the user is presented with a landing page where they are taught how to use the tool. I have developed my own iconography, creating animations which demonstrate the capabilities of my tool.
My tool uses augmented reality to visualise data. I believe this is a unique approach for an IoT surveillance tool, which no existing systems utilise. I went with this approach because I believe it would be interesting to see something initially intangible through augmented elements on your screen, making them tangible digitally.
I used a-frame.js to code the AR elements. My tool shows the total amount of data being transmitted from the device, to the device. Whether this data was unsecured, HTTP, or secured HTTPS traffic packets. I play with shapes, colour and size to represent the different elements. For example, a green sphere around the device represents a forcefield, meaning your data is secured and protected. Cubes flying into the device represent traffic packets entering the device. Red cubes represent data going in, and blue, data going out.

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