ISSUES: Harrison Raeburn. Session 3.

  • SK Lama
  • Joe Durr
ISSUES is a series fashion film project which considers current problems both political and societal in order to disrupt what I like to call 'toss pot ideologies' or TPI for short. Tackling these with a multilayered emotional storyline matched with an individual concept for each Issue. Keep in mind that all issues are considered per film, however concentration is placed on the main issue being explored. 
The Harrison Raeburn film is my tackling notion against homophobia, concentrating on love, yet still exploring the circumstantial differences created by surrounding culture and politics. This making being gay, completely different experiences dependant on where you are on the planet, in a country or even the same town/city.
The process consisted of a literal storyline, which was a scripted narrative of fictional characters, who were created from non fictional implementations, of real life stories gathered from personal conversations. This was then visually abstracted to create an emotional storyline which expresses the feelings of the literal storyline, but carries a story of its own within the visuals.
The scripted narrative is located in a therapists' room, where anger management sessions are taking place between the therapist, Darren Kraus and his patient.
An art form that I really wanted to explore was choreography. I felt it was a touch of movement that excavated emotions for both performer and audience. That bond was a necessity, specially when the focusing concept was the ideology of love.
I've always dabbled with ideas in choreography but never implemented it before - so I did what I knew first, and wrote a poem that channelled the visual storyline and concept and then drew from that. With this I was able to create the movements that I felt best explained each element. 

The cycle.
Feel your energy, that is the earth.
You are the sun, around which it revolves.
From the ground, you enter the light.
Upon which the roar of freedom shines bright into your playful soul.
A ferocity in your gentle eyes.
So silent.
The sound of a butterfly emerging.
The wings, majestic in the sun's gaze.
You shall not fly today.
And I care not to either.