ISTD 2020 - Migration Through time

The brief specifies to answer celebrating the theme of migration typographically. This can be investigated through a range of vast interpretations we wish to portray, from natural, historical, cultural and global perspectives. My concept to this brief was based on my own family relation to migration. As my grandmother migrated to three distant countries; India, Italy and America. My approach was to use this migration story to develop a narrative and typographic design to bring a positive outlook on the theme of migration. Each poster includes a variety of different types of contextualisation depending on the country. As well as including context that was about my grandma’s life, I also included different cultural and political events that took place in that specific country. For example, in the Italy Poster, I included the Italian general election that took place in 1958. I decided to include cultural and political context as well as my grandma’s narrative as it brings more of a historical charismatic narrative to the outcome. The overall design resolution reflects a strong visual of my grandma’s migration movement. This is represented through the use of moving typography of each country that she migrated to. Each display type of the countries is in Baskerville typeface. I decided to use this typeface for the display type as Serif generically show the stroke sizes much more clearly. Therefore, Baskerville displays an effective visual of the typographic hierarchy in which the display type becomes more dominant over the text type. My text type I decided to use was Sans-Serif typeface; Avenir. I used Avenir Book for the body text and Avenir Heavy for the subheadings. I used Avenir as it’s most commonly seen as a modern and elegant typeface. It’s most commonly used for display purposes as well and it gives a nice typographic balance with my overall outcome. I strongly believe that the multiple posters visually represent a typographic celebration of migration and is a unique approach to how a narrative can be approached through a range of posters.

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