It takes Foresight

  • Madeleine Morris

The brief for Foresight Group was to show how they invest in a smarter future. We found out one of the small businesses they invest in is Open Bionics, a company that manufactures the world’s first clinically approved 3D-printed bionic arm - a 'Hero Arm'. But how to make bionics less sci-fi and more human? As a parent I am very aware of how difficult even the simplest task would be without an arm. And I couldn't imagine not being able to hold and hug my child. So we decided to find a parent who uses their amazing bionic arms to do all the things other parents take for granted. Danny Florence lost his right arm and both legs to Meningitis and Septicaemia when he was just five years old. Nothing could stop Danny from getting around with his chair and prosthetic legs, but he has never had the use of his right arm or hand. When Danny had a little boy he realised he would never really be able to hold him properly. His 'Hero Arm' has been a “game changer” although he can no longer get out of his nappy changing duties.

This was the original concept.