JANET JACKSON x Ogun - Freedom to Move

  • Chrissa Amuah

Hello the-dots fam! It's been a while since I last posted here. Apologies for any messages that I might have missed. So much has happened and there's a lot to share. It wouldn't be right to start the new year, without one of the highs of last year. Wearing Ògún II was none other than the legend that is JANET JACKSON. By @TosinOshinowo x @Chrissa.Amuah - crafted headpieces tying new technology with ancient techniques inspired by the theme #FREEDOMTOMOVE. See her full article here: https://www.allure.com/story/janet-jackson-cover-interview-february-2022 Credits: @muhammedjamma - Sculptor
@kelzomo - Sculptor @stampar3d - 3D Printing
@funs_o - 3D Modeller
@art_gene6ix - 3D Modeller cmdesign_atelier - 3D Renders + Animations @arc_smart - 3D Renders + Animations
@windsorworkshopltd - 3D Model Makers #FreedomtoMove and #LexusDesign #LexusLC #BeyondtheRoad