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JCB is a luxurious leading wine brand, based in California. The Secret Indulgence is a limited series of 12 special bottles. These prestigious award winning wines are a collection of some of the finest in California.
The Design Laboratory designed this unique collection, which breaks the traditional wine codes and explores storytelling through wine and food paring. By building a strong narrative and visual identity the Lab has created a truly individual character and story for each bottle. Click here to view the range.


Everybody has secrets. Wine can unlock our inhibitions. Is it truly a sin to indulge in wine? Or are we carrying out our penance? Take a sip and confess your sins. Allow the wine to absolve you. Explore the Confession here.


The Burgundy Dynasty was steeped in secrecy, games and power – adding deeper layers to the legacy of Bourgogne. Four powerful Dukes.Four strong personalities. Symbols and colours signified power, hierarchy, allegiance – almost like a secret language of the era. This secret language has survived to this day and is spoken by this emblematic label. Explore Le Duc Noir here.


The United States of American. Where the declaration of independence gave birth to the the American dream… With freedom as it’s core value. The eagle is, and always has been an internationally recognised symbol of American freedom and individuality.This bottle has it’s own symbols. They tell a story in which we celebrate the craft, the experience and the people behind this great American vintage. Make a commitment and liberate your senses – follow the path of our forefathers and elope with the American dream. Explore American Vintage here.


The freedom to step out of the box, stand up straight and proudly shine brighter than the rest. “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” When all we see is the same, we see nothing. Never apologise for being different. Don’t follow the crowd. Be curious… Make your own path and find yourself in unexplored places. After all, why join the navy when you can be a pirate? Explore the Digression here.


Just like wine, Tarot is always whispering to you. It weaves truth, stories, secrets, and tales. All you need to do is slow down and listen. Knowledge. Craftsmanship. Experience. Each Tarot holds a dark and mysterious secret which can change your destiny. There are many similarities between the world of divination and wine. By becoming the alchemist of wine & playing on these patterns, we are able to create a divine experience.  There are twelve bottles of Tarot: each one with it’s own unique destiny. Twelve arcanes, twelve wines. Explore Tarot here.


The moon is a mystical energy, powerfully moving our tides whilst softly lighting our skies at night. Through astronomy, alchemy and storytelling, we can harvest the moon’s deepest mystery and adorn this wine with it’s unique aura. Wondrous curiosity. Mystical glow. Alluring radiance. It follows an infinite path, adapting it’s costume every evening. “There is little value in knowing plants, animals and minerals unless one can find the stars working in every one of them” Rudolf Steiner. Through astronomy, alchemy and storytelling, we can harvest the moon’s deepest mystery and adorn this wine with it’s unique glow. Explore Evoluna here.


All great tales start with “once upon a time…”Chronology: a series of events that not only creates our experiences, but also defines a narrative of time. Like a finely crafted watch, this wine is full of complex and intricate sensations. The bottle captures the unique story of it’s origin. It takes time to acquire the knowledge to craft this wine. It also takes precious time for this wine to mature. And it definitely takes time to experience and enjoy it. Chronology: time, craftmanship and experience. Explore the Chronology here.
The wines have also been ranked 90 points and above by wine advocate Robert Parker. You can see his detailed review here.


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