• Tim Smith
  • Sophie Hutson
  • Grace Mostyn
  • Eddie Caldwell
  • Aleksandra Kingo

John Lewis, working with advertising agency Adam & Eve, approached Fluoro to create a campaign with a modern and experimental direction. As Britain's most established high-end retailer, we wanted the campaign to reflect a business that is as relevant today as it was when it was founded in 1864. We believed this would help John Lewis reach new audiences as they focus on evolving shopping habits that live in the digital space. We developed their bold, new, graphic-led campaign to create an exciting sense of urgency. The film features imagery by DOP Aleksandra Kingo, which we brought to life through dynamic visual elements and a dancer interacting with bold typography, all showcasing John Lewis’ more playful side. We opted for ‘Got to Keep On’ by The Chemical Brothers to push John Lewis outside of its traditional identity, add an upbeat tone to the film, and ultimately to reflect the brand’s British heritage. John Lewis and Adam & Eve gave us creative reign and trusted in our ability to bring their vision to life. From the get-go, we were aligned on the aesthetic and tone for the film, which allowed us to push the boundaries by using more playful and experimental elements. The campaign ran throughout January 2021 as an advertisement on TV, as well as across YouTube and social platform.