John Malkovich x Squarespace at The Big Game

Squarespace returned to Super Bowl LI for the fourth time with our ad featuring Oscar-nominated actor John Malkovich.
Watch as John Malkovich finds out that has been taken by another John Malkovich—and fights to claim his domain.
While working with John on Playing Lynch in collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation, we learned that his true passion lay in fashion design. In fact, his own fashion line was already in development—all he needed was a website to showcase his lookbook and an eCommerce store to sell his collection. So, we collaborated with John to create a custom online store,
Our creative partnership culminated with Journey, a short film about John’s next move as a fashion designer. Set in Paris, it shows John struggling through the hard work, self-doubt, and external pressures—only to persevere and launch the first season of his line.
The ad and film were a part of our brand platform, “Make Your Next Move”. More than a campaign, “Make Your Next Move” encouraged anyone with an idea to take that next step and make their dreams real. Together, the ad and film show that you can claim your place on the web and build something truly powerful.
We hope that John’s story inspires you to make your next move and create your own beautiful website. But, before you do, follow John’s lead and get your domain before it’s gone.