JOURNEY - A visual poetic collaboration with Floresta Mag

  • Renuka Ramanujam

journey / the act of travelling from one place to another; a trip over a long period or great distance Remembering, documenting and mapping a journey. Connecting perspectives and experiences from refugees, diaspora and migrants. A one month collaboration between poets and visual designers, fusing mediums to create emotive visual posters embodying the poetry. I responded to a poem 'Shorn' by RB Simon. Speaking about the trauma that is collected and held by those in the diaspora or asylum, I collected found wool and took tree rubbings to symbolise weight and burden of the carried trauma. This infinite memory multiplies by decades, clings like debris on sheep too long unshorn, suffocating, snagged along their trudge towards certitude. I beg to be razed, stripped to a tabula rasa, relieved of my duty to witness. Let me be a babe, skin goose-fleshed, achingly cold, beautifully unchained. The print was made through collage of monotype prints, rubbings and cyanotype.


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