Journey Further Podcast

What's the wrong you want to right? That's the question we're asking to learn from the people and businesses who are on a mission to do things differently.

Building A Community For "No Collar Workers" & Taking On LinkedIn with Pip Jamieson (The Dots)

Pip Jamieson is Founder & CEO of The Dots, a global network of creators, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Pip is on a mission to help underrepresented groups find great opportunities, but there is a social media goliath standing in her way...LinkedIn. The network she says "perpetuates everything that is wrong with corporations".

Be More Pirate with Sam Conniff Allende

Start breaking stupid rules! From running raves in South London that spawned Don't Panic, to his youth marketing agency, Livity, Sam Conniff Allende has never been satisfied with the status quo.

His bestselling book, Be More Pirate, is a guide to becoming a professional rule breaker and a call-to-arms for changemakers around the globe.

ODDBOX with Emilie Vanpoperinghe

If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. ODDBOX is on a mission to solve that problem.

They rescue fresh, surplus fruit and veg directly from farms and deliver it to thousands of homes across London every week.

Co-founder Emilie Vanpoperinghe recently led ODDBOX through a £3million investment round as the startup gets ready to expand across the UK.

The Joy of Work with Bruce Daisley (Eat Sleep Work Repeat, former VP EMEA Twitter)

Want to improve your workplace culture? Need to change your relationship with your job? Maybe you've just lost your spark...

Bruce Daisley is here to help. Through his Eat Sleep Work Repeat podcast and Sunday Times bestseller, The Joy of Work, Bruce has researched the strategies and tactics proven to help make our work lives better.

Turning The Tide on Plastic with Lucy Siegle

Could you be doing more for the environment? Ever wondered what impact your company has on the planet?

BBC broadcaster, Guardian journalist and all-round eco expert, Lucy Siegle, has made it her mission to highlight the terrible damage our crazed consumption is doing.

Her most recent book, Turning The Tide on Plastic, is a compelling call to arms for both individuals and businesses to start changing their behaviour today, before it's too late.

How To Create A High Performance Culture with Damian Hughes

What can business leaders learn from elite sports teams when it comes to creating high performance cultures? If culture is the ultimate competitive advantage many believe it to be, how can you capitalise on it?

Damian Hughes is a professor of organisational psychology & change, a consultant on culture across business, education and sport, and a prolific author.

His most recent book — The Barcelona Way — explores how the 'commitment culture' Pep Guardiola nurtured during his record-breaking spell in charge at FC Barcelona can be adopted by organisations of all shapes and sizes.

From turning values into behaviours, the power of storytelling and the role of cultural architects...this is an unmissable guide on how to transform the culture of where you work.

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