Joya Villas - Website Redesign

  • Charlotte Rand

Joya Villas is a freelance client of mine based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Joya is a collection of two sustainable luxury vacation villas, offering a premiere vacation experience to guests. When I first began working with Joya, the website felt stiff and void of any story at all (see attached screenshot). Our object was to entice people to take a vacation at the property, so a more relaxed feel and story were paramount to the success of the site. I worked closely with a photographer to capture compelling visuals, then rearchitected the site adding and expanding on pages to create a story that accurately relays what the Joya experience is. I developed and produced all of the copy on the site as well. The result has been nothing short of successful: coupled with a Google/Facebook/Instagram campaign and press outreach (all of which, I managed), the new site helped increase occupancy by 25% this year. The site can be viewed at Please contact me directly for before images.