• Nikita Biswal
  • Varvara Soloveva
  • Sofia Benjelloun
  • Siddhi Jain

As the editor-in-chief of the KCL Journal, the arts and culture publication at King's College London, I worked on the final spring/summer issue, Issue 13. From editorial research and planning to the nitty-gritty work of design and production, I was at the head of directing the creative vision for this project. This issue was handmade during a global pandemic. To this effect, it has been designed with care to give space to its long-form writing and visual art, best delved into meditatively. It has been put together remotely from many parts of the world and features work from students across the UK's thriving creative community.

'BODY FABRIC OBJECTS' encapsulates some of the most glaring themes in this issue. Inside, there are stories about viewing the female body alongside food, confessional poetry, fiction, collage and photography.

Here is a short preview. You can read the full issue at: https://issuu.com/kcljournal-gmail/docs/issue_2013