Larry's Tale & Spring Stickers

  • Louis Tweed

Interactive children's story and matching GIF stickers, could it get any more wholesome?

The Brief

In Spring 2019 I was challenged by Lidl to use interactive and innovative social formats to spring up conversation and eggcitement amongst families on three key dates - Easter, Mother’s Day and May bank holiday.

Through insights I also learnt the rather dystopian fact that modern families spend as little as 34 minutes quality time together per day. As Lidl is a family brand this was a perfect opportunity for the supermarket to give parents a few Lidl things so they could spend more quality time with their kids.

Larry's Tale

Probably my most wholesome work to date, Larry’s Tale is an interactive children’s story that lives on Facebook Canvas and Instagram Stories. Parents can read the tale along with their kids as they try to help Larry (Lidl’s Easter chocolate figure) spot the rest of his friends from the chocolate range around the farm.
Having wrote the story I then worked with the wonderful Kim Sielbeck on page illustrations before taking it to an in-house team to add immersive animation and sound. The client actually liked the story so much they sourced extra budget to get it printed and handed out within store so kids could read as their parents did the weekly shop!

Spring Stickers

Alongside Larry’s Tale we released three sets of GIF stickers for mums and dads to use in their own selfies, Snaps and Instagram Stories with their kids across Mother’s Day, Easter and May bank holiday weekend.
I worked with insights to see what the most popular activities were across the three dates and then once again I collaborated with Kim on 27 different illustrations before an in-house team animated them all and turned them into three sets of 9 GIF stickers.

Lidl had never done something like this before and the results surpassed everyone’s expectations. The stickers have been viewed over 65 million times and that number is still rising!