This was a unique, reactive and retrospective piece of content born from the uncertainty of this years pandemic. A proactive collaboration between creatives, journalists, editors and the event industry representatives to help to fill the void of this years 24 hr Le Mans which was ultimately cancelled. Due to start on the same date, day and time, it was to mark 50 years since Hans Herrmann & Richard Attwood got under starters order, and ultimately won Porsches first ever title in this race.

From concept to creation, we researched the history of the race, the build up, the onboard insights and elation of the finish line to take the user there, put them in the cockpit, feel the adrenaline. In gaining exclusive access to an interview with Richard Attwood, we were presented with the opportunity to dive in to the mind of one of the winning drivers and documenting his compelling account.

The theme was 'Time', the relentless and repetitive nature of this unique battle with the elements. That married with numbers behind it’s anniversary and back story. We told it chronologically the event, the drivers, the car, the track, the race, the finish line - a decision that we felt would help relive the race.
Our concept was to celebrate the exhilarating story of the race on LeMans70.com with exclusive interviews, insightful imagery and rare unseen footage (Some in super 8) from the Porsche archives. Putting this rich media online creatively was a first for Porsche so we wanted to capture that cinematic experience whilst telling a finely tuned account of a enthralling journey.

Graphically, one of our main objectives was to blur the lines between print and digital - challenge the expectations of what can be produced on a digital platform. On the flip side, we wanted to breath life into the archive imagery and modernise, whilst still honouring the period of the historic race.
Typographically we took influence from the day, the french signage, the race sponsors, the pit lane clock - it all weaved into the story we wanted to tell. Using a fusion of Manifold Extended from the Connary Fagen, IKANSEEYOUALL from Swiss Typefaces and Druk from Commercial Type to capture the era.

Interactive elements were built to aide the journey, the track shows a typical lap time of the course, rotating clock faces and a responsive one when the race starts which spans the 24 hours of the race.
The build itself was a race against time as the rare footage wasn't granted until 2 days before launch so the team had to pull a few late nights to cross the finish line ourselves. The site gained coverage from Porsche Museums social media channel and within the automotive industry but its real 'win' was giving 80 year old Richard Attwood a nostalgic pat on the back for his and Hans' achievement.