Lessons from London in Lockdown

  • Theresa Jones
  • Luminance Insight

The big question is what have we learnt from the beginning of lockdown up to now, and in what ways are we evolving? -Why are women grooming less and men grooming (and dating) more in lockdown? -Besides being more likely to be in lower-paid work, what are other factors that put BAME people at risk? -How have people navigated their faith in lockdown (i.e. celebrating religious events, fasting, etc)? -What are the new skills that people will be taking with them into post-lockdown life? All these questions and more were answered in this study of over 1,000 diverse Londoners around the peak of the virus in the UK. Copy&paste this link to read in full: https://www.luminanceinsight.co.uk/work (email signup required)