LinkedIn // Nonprofits

  • Ashley Hyatt

This project for LinkedIn is a visually engaging 2D explainer video for use on social media, showcasing my skills in motion graphics and character animation. I had the privilege of working on this project in collaboration with the agency, Brands2Life. As the animator for this project I was able to bring LinkedIn’s set of brand illustrations and characters to life with captivating animations, that effectively communicate the features and tools offered. In addition to the main animation, I also created numerous adaptations for different devices and screen sizes along with versions with alternate characters and illustrations. This ensures that the visual experience remains seamless and optimised to different locations, regardless of the device or platform used by viewers. The collaboration with Brands2Life brought together a wealth of creative talent and strategic thinking, resulting in a lovely and informative explainer video. The partnership ensured that the video not only captured the attention of the audience but also effectively conveyed the value of LinkedIn's services to nonprofit businesses.