Lockdown Mindscape

  • June Mineyama-Smithson

‘Lockdown Mindscape’ is a visual documentation of how we are experiencing the global pandemic in 2020. I asked 10 people in 10 locations worldwide to send their physical and introspective views. The result is MAMIMU’s interpretation of mixed emotions in a form of bilingual geometric posters.

MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape
Concept & Design: MAMIMU Motion Design: Chris Sellars-Meadmore

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New York
In the midst of lockdown in June 2020, Ismael, like many people, went out to protest against racism in response to the death of George Floyd. Instagram was filled with black squares to show solidarity. #blackouttuesday This is my way to honour his act.

“The longest and shortest winter-spring ever. Our 2019 paper snow decoration is still hanging in the window, and yet 2020 summer arrives. While life is starting to go back to normal, it feels as though four months passed quietly.” Si Liu, Co-founder of BRU:D Creative, is now enjoying the “almost” normality in Shanghai.