London Is Open

Build a poster series to assist in Shadiq Kahn’s ‘London Is Open’ campaign.

This poster series developed was a spin on an already existent campaign slogan, ‘London Is Open’. Using the alphabet as a stimulus for a twenty-six poster design sequence, the word ‘open’ is substituted for a word starting from letters from A-Z, all of which help present why London is and will remain one of the greatest cities.
With a poster design showing what London has to offer, individuals become intrigued with its content. Yet, if this campaign is to become a success, a consumer must gather memorable brand experience, this can be achieved through people interacting with the posters’ QR code. Through using your phone to pull up the QR code of a certain poster within the series, you are able to find both events and places to visit. This in turn means not only do you see that London is open but you are able to actively explore and discover what London has to offer.