Make Music In The Cornershop - Red Stripe

  • Suzanne Schurgers
  • Emma Morton

KK Outlet continued with the series of Red Stripe MAKE projects by turning an ordinary looking East London corner shop into a musical instrument that played itself whenever anyone picked up a Red Stripe. In collaboration with Director Greg Brunkalla and creative technologists Hirsch & Mann, everyday items in the shop were hacked and turned into unique musical instruments that played the tune “Rudy, A Message To You” by Dandy Livingston. From trumpets made out of glass bottles, to a xylophone constructed from food cans, by way of jumping boxes and brooms and dustpans with lives of their own, the upcycled instruments came alive in a variety of tones and sounds much to the surprise (and sometimes horror) of the shop’s customers. 750 metres of cable, 12 metres of LED lights and 10 hidden cameras were used to capture the installation and reactions. And 10 bespoke, DIY style instruments were created especially for the installation including: a food can xylophone, bottle trumpet, gondola bass and tetra pack maracas watch the film here Role : Agency producer Award : Silver Lion 2013

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