Makings & Musings Podcast ★ Ella from Where are the Girlbands

  • Irene Ruby
  • ella fradgley

My podcast guest for this episode of the Makings & Musings Podcast is Ella from where are the girlbands. Ella is a wonderful artist and Illustrator and she is involved in so many amazing creative projects. We spoke about inclusion in the music industry, painting, poetry and art school, sketchbooking and mental health! ★ The reference photo is of the wonderful @minervadaisy3769 who gave us permission to draw her for the podcast. The reference photo is by Sibz ♥︎ You can find out more about Ella and Where are the Girlbands in these places: Where are the Girlbands instagram - @wherearethegirlbands Where are the Girlbands email - Ella's personal instagram - @ellafradge The safe spaces podcast -