Man-Made Disaster: Patriarchy & The Planet


The exhibition showcases the work of 30 international women and non-binary artists exploring the patriarchy’s ongoing role in accelerating the global climate crisis.

Contributing artists include feminist activist art collective Guerrilla Girls, Google Creative Lab’s Creative Director Tea Uglow, Turner Prize-winning architecture collective Assemble, photojournalist Alice Aedy and model-maker Jade Gerrard, whose work recently appeared in the film Isle of Dogs. The exhibition also features work by photographer Anastasia Korosteleva, award-winning architect Abeer Seikaly, illustrator Ngadi Smart and activist Li Maizi.

The exhibition will then open to the public on Thursday 25 April, before living on in a permanent digital exhibition at

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Why are we doing this?

Man-made disaster: How patriarchy is ruining the planet

March 2019
Author’s note:
There are many ways to write a piece like this one.
Of course, none of those ways will prevent MRAs, trolls, Reply Guys and ’splainers from #notallmenning (or worse) all over our Twitter feed. But a girl can dream.
To the gender theory professors amongst you, scroll down to start reading. To everyone else, consider these the terms of debate:
  • The flavour of patriarchy we’re using is what bell hooks calls ‘the imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy’
  • Patriarchy has no gender – it’s a heteronormative social structure in which men hold power, and women are largely excluded from it
  • Masculinity is a set of qualities or attributes considered characteristic of men
  • Masculinity is not the same thing as gender (which is fake), and is not exclusively owned by cisgender men
  • Gender is a social construct that is not the same as biological sex
  • Toxic masculinity is a set of socialised, regressive male behaviours that regard traditionally ‘feminine’ traits as inferior or weak; it is neither genetic nor innate
  • Sexism is an ideology that justifies patriarchal social roles and power imbalances
  • Misogyny is the ‘law enforcement branch’ of patriarchy, policing, punishing and expressing hatred toward women

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