#MANDICTIONARY Digital Production Project

  • Vivien Khor
  • Joel Beckman
  • Atika Hutami Sarwono
#MANDICTIONARY was a nationwide campaign ran by charity organisation CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). The campaign was aimed at tackling male stereotypes in the UK through accessible and entertaining methods, in order to spark conversation among the public on what defines a man in this day and age. The #MANDICTIONARY consists of definitions of portmanteau words that were created by the organisation itself (CALM), and through public submissions.
The #MANDICTIONARY production project is a final year university project that was executed by a team of six people. The brief given by the company was to take the then ongoing campaign to a digital level and to expand #MANDICTIONARY's online presence through creating: a physical copy of #MANDICTIONARY and to mirror this with an online space. In order to execute this, my team and I divided the workload and through teamwork we managed to make the organisation's aims come alive.
My role and responsibilities:
  • Created and designed a website for organisation’s campaign using Wordpress, HTML and CSS
  • Curated content on social media and established a scheduling sheet on Excel to ensure quality posts and captions
  • Helped in small graphic design tasks (e.g. Logo design, design advice)
Conceptual design of #MANDICTIONARY campaign's logo
The landing page and home page of the campaign's website
A fully customized Dictionary Page with a working search engine and flipping card feature
The campaign's story page, which was the team's original idea, it was a page dedicated solely to men that we have interviewed and had a story to tell about the struggles they have been through as men. The aim of this page was to allow men to feel a sense or relatability to others with similar experiences, and to create awareness among men whilst encouraging them to express their feelings.
A store page for mockup merchandises that could be sold in order to obtain funding.
Words from the #MANDICTIONARY that were re-designed to fit our website.
A page from the physical copy of the #MANDICTIONARY

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