Mark II

  • Chris Farnell
My first novel, published in 2006 by Tindal Street Press. It was also translated into Italian and published by Fazi Editore:
Phil still calls for his best friend every day on his way to school, despite Mark's recent death. Then one morning Mark is back: a clone created by Laz-R-UsT. Without Phil to teach Mark II the basics of life - the proper way to wear a school shirt and tie, why it's best not to back-chat playground bullies, that perhaps he's not good enough for footy practice - he seems unlikely to survive, let alone convince anyone he really is Mark. But soon they feel like best mates again, hanging out doing everyday stuff together . . . until an awful accident makes us realise that no one's heard the last of Mark I, or the odd circumstances behind his death. Told with teenage energy, Mark II takes a deft, witty approach to mortality and grief. Philosophical, accessible and intriguing, it also has strong appeal for adult readers.