Mars: Pledge For Planet

Fighting for a world where people commit to climate action.

Climate Week 2019 was louder than ever, with more companies  competing for the attention of journalists, stakeholders and consumers.
What’s more, having launched their climate change commitments some two years earlier, Mars was turning up to this party without a new present to share.
Our answer was to reverse the expected narrative. Rather than a corporate announcement, we launched an invitation. Pledge to the Planet encouraged associates, suppliers, influencers and consumers to make their own commitment to the world.
Our bold mural from celebrated artist Steven Harrington brought to life what this vision of tomorrow could look like. Hosted around the corner from the UN, this optimistic vision of tomorrow leapt into feeds and front pages everywhere.
642 million impressions made it the biggest Mars story of 2019, and over double any other news. Sentiment was 100% positive and engagement online was 27% longer than average. All this drove a CPM of $1.47 (in an industry that averages $7.50).
With the help of other Mars partners, we shared the Pledge from the inside out. Soon our invitation appeared everywhere from internal comms to Buzzfeed to the M&Ms store on Times Square.

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