Meet the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2018!

  • Iman Siyad
  • Thaddaeus Brown
  • Robi Farkas
  • Richie Babalola
  • Reuben Lee
  • Raafaye Ali
  • Lennis Torell
  • Denny Kaulbach
  • Jael Umerah-Makelemi
  • Isabel Mickleburgh
  • Emily Nelson
  • Edie Lee

We're thrilled to present the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2018!

D&AD New Blood Shift is an intensive night school programme that places an emphasis on raw, untrained talent. Shift compels its students to make the best creative work of their life and challenges the industry to search further for creative talent.

This year, 19 Shifters – all with creative talent but no formal arts education or degree – have been through the intensive five-month night school and learning programme. They've learned from the best, honed their thinking and applied their craft. Now they're ready to prove that there's more than one way to break into the industry.
Applications for the next Shift night school will open in Summer 2019.
For more information or if you would like to support Shift as a speaker, host, mentor or offer a placement in 2019/20, please contact

Meet (and hire!) the class of 2018:

Caetana Cruz, strategist

Chad Mclean Joyce, creative strategist, copywriter & art director

Christian Johnstone, creative, graphic designer & art director

David Osafo, visual creative

Denisa Krasniqi, illustrator, jewellery & furniture designer

Edie Lee, art director

Emily Nelson, photographer, art director & copywriter

Isabel Mickleburgh, artist, art director & creative strategist

Iman Siyad, copywriter, poet, storyteller & conceptual creative

Jael Umerah-Makelemi, graphic designer

Jessie Denny-Kaulbach, illustrator & designer

Lennis Torell, copywriter, digital artist & art director

Maisie May Plumstead, art director, copywriter & thinker

Matteo Dicandia, graphic designer

Raafaye Ali Sheikh, illustrator, designer & creative

Reuben Lee, creative & photographer

Richie Babalola, creative copywriter & strategist

Robert Farkas, graphic designer

Thaddaeus Brown, creative & content producer