Merck – Worlds of Curiosity

  • Paul Taggart

Inspiring social and technological change with curiosity

Curiosity is the driving force behind breakthroughs in science and tech. But how can we remind the world of a superpower we all possess?

The interactive film WORLDS OF CURIOSITY invites audiences to increase society’s overall level of curiosity, as they experience a day in the life of Maria the scientist. Exploring 27 content hotspots, visitors reveal diverse social and technological innovations, to change our world for the better.
Pencil to Paper… Developing the film’s narrative with concept scribbles
Picture this… Breathing life into the film's storyboards
Ave Maria… Giving the film’s leading lady emotions and moods
Graphic Novel… Defining a range of exclusive, editorial illustrations
Going Offline… One of two press ads promoting the film to Economist readers
Moving Images... Raising awareness via a range of online video ads
  • MAX Award: Silver
  • Webby Awards: Honoree (Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics)