Merging worlds "Touch and Remember"

  • Marianie Morazzani
  • Marianne Simonin
  • Teresa Rocha
  • Renata Fernandez
  • Andreea Seremet
"A single touch has a far greater impact on the mind than one might have ever imagined”
Touch and remember:
The special relationship between the same-but-different worlds of art and fashion is presented through a sensory-cues-interactive exhibition running from the 20th to 21st April 2022 at 125 New Bond Street, London W1S IDY from 9am–6pm.
A closing night reception will be held on Thursday 21st April from 5pm to 8pm. Guest DJ Vincent Brent, Radio Quarantino.
MM-art consult presents a multi-sensory exhibition aimed at creating an immersive artistic experience that engages your senses. Not only does Touch and Remember challenge visitors to consider how they may engage with a work of art or design beyond seeing, it also challenges visual artists and creators to consider how their work engages a diverse range of audience members.
As you navigate this exhibition, you are encouraged to take your time with each work of art and each garment. Many of the pieces tap into multiple senses including sight, touch, sound, and even smell! See how many senses you can engage with each piece and what memories it triggers.
Visitors are invited to feel what the artists felt when creating and handling the materials in terms of touch but also in terms of emotion.
This show disrupts the typical temporality of an art exhibit. Supposedly the eye can take in an entire image at a glance, while touch requires a prolonged encounter. Visitors to this exhibit are encouraged to take their time, to take time with each piece to discover everything it has to offer and to create memories.