MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design

  • Stuart Tolley

MIN explores the resurgence of minimalism in contemporary graphic design. It showcases the elegant, reductive and geometric projects being created by designers who are moving beyond the ornate and pattern-based work that has dominated graphic design for the past decade. The book features 150 minimalist designers working across a wide range of formats and media—from independent magazines and album covers to corporate identities, packaging and branding. Interspersed throughout are essays on the history and context of minimalism in graphic design as well as exclusive interviews with leading contemporary practitioners and proponents of the movement.

MIN, The New Simplicity in Graphic Design is second visual culture book authored by Stuart Tolley and published by Thames & Hudson. It's the first thorough look at this rebirth of simplicity in graphic design and showcases global minimalist designers, working across a wide range of formats and media, which are interspersed with exclusive interviews and essays. To create a uniform backdrop, Stuart photographed each of the 162 contributors' examples, which are exclusive to the book