Modern Nomad

  • Sophie Körner

Client: Insurance Company* Brief: Utilising content to assist a brand within the insurance sector. *due to an NDA, unable to disclose the identity of the client. Generated content that enables and instils millennials with an inspiring, free-spirited and “can-do” attitude in order to raise awareness regarding insurance. Proposed the use of a short documentary series which follows “Modern Nomads” - ordinary people with seemingly ordinary lives who have extraordinary hobbies or lifestyles. The slogan of the concept: “Modern Nomads - Live your life, we do the rest”. You can see the final delivery of the pilot version for this project below. Here, you get introduced to the “modern nomad” Bill who is studying astrophysics in between finding the time to pursue his true passion in life: skateboarding. Creative direction and Director of photography by me. Credits: Sophie Körner, Nina Wenström, David Bengtsson, Emma Bengtsson, Alexandra Smedman, Nicole Ostashkevich, and Anna Düring-Palisca