4 WEEK COURSE FOR CREATIVE GRADUATES TO START YOUR OWN PASSION PROJECT FROM THE 3RD-28TH OF AUGUST 2020 In response to the current employment crisis, I wanted to create a solution that could help graduates during what is being described as the grimmest summer ever to enter the working world. Through my mentoring business F*ck Being Humble, I have launched a 4-week programme for creative graduates who want to grow, develop and launch a passion project or side hustle to help them stand out in the job market. The ‘MORE THAN A GRAD’ course aims to give 2020 graduates a new ‘Plan A’ that doesn’t rely on businesses to generate job roles. Instead, it focuses on helping individuals to find a sense of purpose and take autonomy over a self-initiated project. It could also act as a financial supplement to get you through these uncertain times. There are 500 places available for students in the UK who are looking to grow their presence in the creative industry and want to invest their time into something that will truly help them cut through. Through a series of workshops hosted by me, industry interviews and weekly activities, members will leave with everything you need to launch your own passion project. We are a platform that was born to support emerging talent, so at a time when graduates need us the most, we want to do everything we can to invest in their futures. Two years ago our founder Stef launched her own passion project that turned into a hugely successful side hustle and now business. She has now helped thousands of people around the world hosting community events both in person and online, as well as building a client list of brands like Unilever, ASOS, The Guardian and Cannes Lions Festival. Stef changed her profile from feeling like a cog in a machine to making the Forbes Under 30 Europe 2020 list, being named The Dot's 100 women changing the creative industry and also secured a book deal with my her first book coming out in September 2020. ALL OF THIS FROM ONE SMALL IDEA. Stef is living proof that when you put positive ideas out to the world, you can and will stand out against the competition. TO BOOK SIGN UP HERE: