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F*ck Being Humble is a book, event series and online platform on a mission to change the way we view self-promotion. Founded by Stefanie Sword-Williams in 2018, F*ck Being Humble is a mentoring platform that empowers individuals to be unapologetically proud of their achievements. Through workshops, panel events, webinars, and thought leadership, F*ck Being Humble shatters the conventions of traditional professional development and delivers culturally relevant content and actionable advice for followers to implement. This year, founder of the platform Stefanie Sword-Williams was named as Forbes 30 Under 30 following the impact F*ck Being Humble is having to individuals across the world. You can pre-order our book 'F*ck Being Humble: Why self-promotion isn't a dirty word' online at Amazon.com. And also register to our newsletter online and follow @fuckbeinghumbleldn on Instagram for regular tips and advice.

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