There has never been a better time to focus on self-promotion than now. So to take advantage of this downtime, we launched a social campaign on Instagram on @fuckbeinghumbleldn called 'Sharing From Home'. Now more than ever we need to be self-promoting in order to get noticed, so as well as #workingfromhome we’re inviting you to share from home too. Here's how it works: 1. Screenshot the form attached to this post 2. Fill in your name and handle and a project, piece of work or side hustle you’re proud of 3. Add to your story and @fuckbeinghumbleldn to be reshared on our Instagram account page 4. Share an image to accompany your achievement (this is optional) but don’t forget to tag us if you do! Let’s start sharing from home and showcasing work that deserves attention. Make sure you tag and follow us on Instagram @fuckbeinghumleldn to get involved.