Morrisons makes it

  • Phillip Bott-Hansson

The Brief Morrisons needed a new direction to counteract increased competition in the food retail market from discounters such as Aldi and Lidl, which were stealing share from the big four at a rapid pace. Morrisons therefore needed to create a point of difference. The Insight Morrisons makes more of its own food in-store than any other supermarket, and from our research we found that Morrisons staff were more helpful than competitors – so we wanted to build the brief on those two aspects. The Idea Morrison ‘makes it’. We wanted to show how Morrisons staff add value to the food they sell so that those ‘food moments’ that you experience with your family can be so much more than just eating a meal. For Christmas we wanted to take a different stand from the typical big-spending TV ad, by creating 3 normal ads highlighting real moments at Christmas. The Results Morrisons has shown great resilience against market pressures and has been the only one of the big four to grow in sales during the campaign period. The Christmas campaign was one of only a few have positive ROI in the supermarket industry, coming out of Christmas with a significant YoY % increase. Morrisons records best Christmas in seven-years after customer experience focus BBC News: Morrisons sees best Christmas performance for seven years Morrisons profit up 40% as supermarket 'steers own path' The Drum : Morrisons toasts a merry Christmas as sales grow