Mr President x She Says: This Equal Pay Day the ‘Pay Gap Pound’ proves women are being shortchanged

  • Laura Jordan Bambach
  • Melissa Wong
  • Jennifer Vobis
  • Jon Gledstone
  • Anders Wendel
  • Hannah Neville
  • Fabiana Xavier
  • Joyce Kremer
  • Emma Shearer
  • Eva Zeisková

Independent agency Mr President has collaborated with global creative network SheSays to launch ‘The Pay Gap Pound’, a pointed campaign for this year’s Equal Pay Day. Women in the UK earn an average of 82 pence for every pound earned by men, and the Pay Gap Pound is a coin that represents that gender pay gap. A run of 100 ‘Pay Gap Pound’ coins has been minted, on first inspection they look like beautifully crafted replicas of the one pound coin, but look closer and you’ll see that these coins have a value of just 82p.

Alongside the physical coin showing the national average, the campaign website allows women to generate a virtual Pay Gap Pound that shows the current gender pay gap in their own industries.
Mr President has placed the physical coins into the hands of influential women including Sarah Pascoe and Ann Francke. Together they are calling on all women in the UK to generate and share their virtual Pay Gap Pound coins using #paygappound. The campaign is also shared by SheSays’ 50,000 members worldwide.
The campaign hopes to raise awareness for Equal Pay Day and to provoke women (and men) to fight the cultural stigmas that reinforce gender difference in the workplace.
The idea was devised by Mr President creatives Elliott Tiney and Anders Wendel with graphics, web build and social activity run by the London SheSays team.

Laura Jordan Bambach, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Mr President, said:
"The Pay Gap Pound coin is a physical representation of the inequality women are still facing in 2019. By allowing women to generate the Pay Gap Pound for their industry we are making it personal… Because there is nothing more personal than the cash in your pocket. At the current rate it will take 60 years to close the pay gap. With so many cases of pay inequality in the courts right now, and movements like #MeTooPay capturing public attention, there’s never been a better time to shout about the issue and demand change. ”
About Mr. President
An independent creative agency based in London, Mr. President was founded in 2012 by Nick Emmel, Claire Hynes and Laura Jordan Bambach. The 35-person agency has earned numerous accolades, including The Drum Agency of the Year in 2017 and Ad Age Silver Small International Agency of the Year 2016.

About SheSays
SheSays is an award-winning organization providing advocacy, mentorship, networking and training to women in the creative industries. Why? Because we want to see more women at the top. WIth 50,000 members and chapters in over 40 cities around the world, we are the only global creative network for women.
CCO @ Mr President: Laura Jordan Bambach
ECD @ Mr President: Jon Gledstone
Creative team @ Mr President: Elliott Tiney and Anders Wendel
Design @ Mr. President: Hannah Neville and Alice Kumagami
Head of Design @ Mr. President: James Andrews
Producer @ Mr. President: Hananha Willers
Web design, graphics, production, social and tech by SheSays team: Fabiana Xavier (President, London), Joyce Kremer, Emma Shearer, Jennifer Vobis, Eva Zeiskova, Melissa Wong