MUJI to Go // Art Direction of Product shoot & Window Display

  • Jacob Elwood
  • Sebastian Bland

SUITCASE partnered with MUJI to create a series of three shots on how to travel with MUJI for their new range of travel accessories. The brief was to tell a story within three shots and with a very limited budget, meaning that we couldn’t travel or use models. Instead, we chose to shoot all three in a studio to highlight the stages of the journey of packing, travelling and arriving. The “packing” shot showed all the products inside a MUJI suitcase; the “travelling” shot featured their travel bag, neck cushion and sun hat in the back of a car; while for the final “arriving” shot we built a lookalike bathroom set on site with all the products laid out. All three shots showcased a large range of MUJI products while telling a story within a tight budget. We also designed window displays for three of their London stores with the idea of travelling with MUJI and SUITCASE, they then went on to roll this out across all their European stores and a few Asia stores. Photography // Mitch Payne Art Direction & Set Design // Jacob Elwood (Myself) & Sebastian Bland