Multiplex — Creating a unifying global website for a multinational construction company

Multiplex is a global construction company delivering complex, iconic structures on some of the world’s most famous skylines. Established in Perth, Australia nearly 70 years ago, it now has a presence in an additional three key territories (UK, Canada and Middle East) and employs 2,600+ people.

To accommodate the needs of separate global regions, multiple websites had been developed over time, resulting in misalignment and cohesion across the group and undermining the strength of the overall global Multiplex brand.
A key project objective was to improve the online experience with better navigation, stronger content and a much clearer user journey to overcome the historic problems created by navigating between distinct standalone sites. The tailoring of content to curate regional capabilities, projects, news and other relevant information tailored to geography was also a high priority.

The existing websites were, in effect, online brochureware and needed a ground-up review to create a singular, hardworking and highly effective digital business tool. By tracking visitor patterns – both existing and new – and auditing analytics data to gain a greater understanding of user-profiles and overall website serviceability, we were able to make better, more informed decisions around geographic user needs, technologies, content requirements and user journeys. We also undertook workshops, interviews and questionnaires across regions, using this research to gain further clarity around the needs of different territories and groups, which fed into our futureproofed strategic plan.
New sections and pages have been added, with a more intuitive and user-friendly Umbraco CMS that offer improved governance, enabling multiple content owners across various geographies to create, manage, modify and publish content. In addition, the use of IP detection when a user arrives at the website, enables the CMS to serve relevant content to users (news, projects and sector information) based on their location in the world.

From a visual identity perspective, the Multiplex brand identity was being applied inconsistently in different parts of the world. Part of the broader project objective was a requirement to apply rigour around the identity application and develop a clear brand design structure for all parties to align to. Colour elements have been added to break up the monochromatic feel and add flare and dynamism. Blue and grey have been employed as secondary colours, which adds distinctiveness when used judiciously. These colourways are also used to indicate interaction, navigation and key information.
Multiplex already had an impressive image library with stills and video that we were able to exploit. Moving away from angular crops and art direction, we opted for high-impact shots, both panoramic and close-up, which convey scale, impact and confidence. We’ve also used colour photography to create a dramatic contrast with the monochrome text. New icons have also been developed to help users identify different types of content. The finished result is both sophisticated and elegant.

Multiplex now has a robust, well-built platform to act as a marketing and recruitment tool and to showcase who they are to the right people at the right time. Rather than acting as an online brochure, it is now an important first port of call for prospects and future employees, as well as investors, clients and suppliers. Taking a long-term approach, it has been designed to meet evolving business needs. The work is based on sound research and expresses Multiplex’s corporate identity and purpose.