Blood donation services find it challenging to attract donors. It’s difficult to attract young donors. As people are increasingly tracking their lives, from steps walked to calories consumed, they are taking greater interest in their health and well-being. Our solution was to provide a blood diagnostics service at blood donation centres. This service would be a way to attract repeat donors – healthy people who are interested in tracking their well-being through blood diagnostics. The donor will be able to choose which blood tests they want to take e.g. Vitamin D, Iron etc. The donor would receive their blood test results through a secure website/app in an easy to understand format along with tailored wellness advice. It will also indicate when it’s important to visit a doctor for further investigations. This will enable people who are healthy to track their wellness indicators over time and see if there are fluctuations and make lifestyle changes before becoming ill, reducing the overall cost to the national health service.
Example of Website where users could register for new blood donation.
Mobile version for new blood donation.

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