• Amie Snow
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Lotte Jeffs

With the proliferation of avenues with which to communicate with consumers today the need for great, memorable creativity is more crucial than ever before. For a long time the creative department was the last bastion of ad agencies past, but the creative departments of today look entirely different from those of decades past. The change has come from every angle, and has resulted in a seismic shift in this crucial part of our industry. Between increased client demands, long overdue diversity drives and a diversification of pathways towards a creative career, what a Creative career looks like is now less certain than ever. On the 30th October, NABS UK brought together an all star panel of creatives including Pip Jamieson, Amie Snow, Lotte Jeffs & Mark Denton, whose careers had taken them to the highs and lows of being a 21st century Creative. We discussed the all important question: in an age where everyone is creative, what does being a Creative mean?

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