• Steph R Ward

Nameless is a surreal gothic short film in which a wood carver has her name stolen from her. On her journey to gain it back she ultimately comes face to face with a bitter lizard god of an ancient religion. It is a surreal story about a woodcarver who has name stolen from her in the dark of the night. Shrouded in stark shadows in the black and white world of the film, she receives a mysterious envelope with the tail of a lizard in it. The tail, she realises, turns like the hand of a compass needle - it's the white rabbit she has to follow, lest she would lose herself forever. Led to a cellar under the forest floor, the nameless wood carver comes face to face with a vengeful lizard god. Inspired by Finnish folklore revolving around snakes and lizards, Nameless tells an eerie mythological tale set in the modern day.